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Gustave Doré was born in 1832 in Strasbourg and died in Paris in 1883. His career as an illustrator was intense and wide-ranging (his is one of the more notable series of illustrations of Don Quijote).
His 76 illustrations of Inferno appeared in 1861, and were followed by the 42 of Purgatorio and 18 of Paradiso.
Most observers agree that, among Dante's many illustrators, Doré is the most faithful to the letter of Dante's text.

Dante in the wood

Das Dante-Jubilum im Jahr 2000 (external site link to Dali images)

Digital Dante Image Collection at Columbia




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Amos Nattini was born in Genoa in 1892 and died in Parma in 1985.
His work as illustrator began ca. 1911, when he worked on a series of illustrations to poems of D'Annunzio, whose influence is seen in Nattini's work on Dante. The major work of his life was the series (done between 1923 and 1941) of one hundred lithographs dedicated to Dante's Comedy.
This work is protected by the International Copyright Convention and is used by permission of the Nattini estate. It may not be copied or distributed without permission of the Nattini estate. Princeton University cannot give such permission.

Dante meets Virgil
Son of the founder of Fratelli Alinari (1854), the great Italian photographic company, which still exists today (F.Ill. Alinari), Vittorio Alinari (1859-1932) assembled a series of his own photographs of Dantean sites in the landscape of Italy.
It is generally considered the finest work in a distinguished career of photography. These images are not available for public viewing.


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