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General map of Italy


Toscana (Toynbee)
Inf XXIV 121-123 (Poem)
Inf XXVIII 106-108 (Poem)
Purg XI 109-111 (Poem)
Purg XIII 145-147 (Poem)

Florence: The circuits of walls


Central Florence
The conjectural shape of Santa Reparata as an oblong basilica has been proved wrong by the excavations of Dec. 1965 - Feb. 1966. See La Cattredrale di Santa Reparata, Opera del Duomo di Firenze (1966), a preliminary report.


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Baptismal fonts
Battista - Baptismal fonts

Diagram of the fonts in the baptistery of San Giovanni offered by the Ottimo in his gloss on Inf.XIX, 16-21.

Batisteo (Toynbee entry)
Inferno XIX, 16-21 (Poem)

The Journey
(From Moore's Time-References in the 'Divina Commedia')
(From Moore's Time-References in the 'Divina Commedia')
Rosa Celestiale
Il Zodiaco


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Kings of Aragon and Sicily, 1196-1337
Kings of Bohemia, 1197-1346
Kings of Castile and Leon, 1126-1350
Kings of Castile and Leon.
Alfonso VII ('El Emperador'), 1126-1157.
Separation of Castile and Leon, 1157.
Kings of the two Sicilies (Sicily and Naples)
Kings of Sicily and Naples, 1129-1343
Kings of Jerusalem and Cyprus
Kings of Cyprus, 1197-1324
Kings of Portugal, 1139-1325
Emperors of Hohenstaufen (or Swabian) Line
Kings of France, 1223-1350
Kings of France of the Capetian Dynasty, 987-1328
Table of Emperors mentioned or alluded to by Dante
Kings of England, 1066-1327
Table showing connexion (sic) between houses of Provence, Anjou, Hungary, and Naples
Table showing connexion (sic) between houses of Hungary, Bohemia, and Naples
Kings of Hungary, 1174-1342
Kings of Navarre (and France), 1134-1322
Kings of Navarre, 1134-1322
Kings of Majorca (Balearic Islands)

Kings of Norway, 1217-1355

Kings of Scotland, 1057-1329
Popes mentioned or alluded to by Dante
Kings of Rascia

Marquises of Montserrat, 1135-1330

Counts of Toulouse, 1088-1271
Sovereigns of Europe (including Sultans of Egypt) contemporary with Dante, 1265-1321
Descent of Dante from Cacciaguida
House of Este, 1196-1308
Conti Guidi
Descent from Tegrino the Lombard
Conti Guidi (continued)
Table showing the relationship between Guido Ghisilieri and Guido Guinizelli
Malaspina Family
Malaspina Family (Spino Secco branch)
Malaspina Family (Spino Fiorito branch)
Malatesta Family
The Della Scala Family
Table showing the relationship of the members of the Ubaldini family mentioned in the Divine Comedy.
Gherardeschi and Visconti of Pisa

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