Toynbee "Malaspina, summarized entry"
noble and wealthy family of N. Italy, whose chief possessions lay in the Val di Magra in Lunigiana. [Lunigiana]. The earliest member of the family referred to by D. is Currado I, known as l'antico, [Purg. viii. 119, ] [Malaspina, Currado_1]; his grandson, Currado II da Villafranca, known as 'il Giovane', is placed among the Negligent Princes in the valley of flowers in Ante-Purgatory, [Purg. viii. 65, 118, ] [Malaspina, Currado_2]; another grandson, Moroello III da Giovagallo, is referred to as vapor di Val di Magra, [Inf. xxiv. 145], [Malaspina, Moroello]. The family in general is spoken of in very laudatory terms by D. in conversation with Currado II (in Ante-Purgatory).

Malaspina(Long Entry)

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