Toynbee "Campaldino, summarized entry"
small plain in the Casentino, in the Upper Valdarno, the scene of the battle, fought June 11, 1289, between the Florentine Guelphs and the Ghibellines of Arezzo, in which the latter were totally defeated, Buonconte da Montefeltro, one of their leaders, being slain on the field.

In his interview with Buonconte (in Ante-Purgatory), D . questions him as to what became of his body, which was never discovered on the battle-field of Campaldino, [Purg. v. 91-93]. [Buonconte.]

The later biographers of D. assert that he himself was present at this battle, fighting on the side of the Guelphs. It is significant, however, that no mention of the fact is made by Villani, or Dino Compagni, or Benvenuto da Imola, all of whom give detailed accounts of the battle. Those who hold that D. took part in the battle see a reference to it in, [Inf. xxii. 4-5].

Campaldino(Long Entry)

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